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Empowering Women 
During Tough Transitions

Blue Skies


Providing a safe house and resources for women and/or women and their children who have been displaced due to domestic abuse


Who We Serve

Esther's Place is a transition house where women and children who have been displaced can find protection and support.  We are committed to creating awareness around the issues of domestic abuse and homelessness while helping survivors transition back to successful living.


Our Story

We shelter women who lack familial support. These women are survivors of emotional, financial, physical, spiritual, and verbal abuse.  These women are survivors of sexual crimes. These women are living with deep depression. 


Women are more likely to become homeless and remain homeless when they experience any of these factors. The misconceptions and stereotypes that WE place on people who have become homeless are shocking. BUT...when you learn their stories, you will realize that they are no different than you or I. The tragedy that may have led these women to the safe house can happen to anyone.  Our job at Esther's Place is to assess each situation and find solutions to lead them back to a successful way of living.

What We Do

Emergency Shelter

We provide an emergency safe haven for survivors and their children fleeing abusive environments. We believe in safety first!  Survivors are given the assistance they need to be safe and the guidance to rebuild their lives for 90 days. After 90 days, they are either transitioned to long-term housing or independent living.

Long-Term Housing 

Survivors are not always in the position to live independently. Esther's Place allows them to stay up to 12 months in a private a home, with access to tools and resources to continue to build a safe, happy future.

Our Services



Leadership Growth & Development

Life Skills

Domestic Abuse Awareness & Prevention

Health & Wellness

Case Management

Financial Management

Job Readiness

Mentorship/ Coaching

Get Help

Esther's Place Helpline:

Available 24/7 by call or text

National Domestic Hotline

Our Founder

Sonya Jefferson

As the Founder of Esther's Place, Sonya is on a mission to inspire and motivate women to discover “who” they are through faith and leadership development, and empower them to walk in their PURPOSE.  She is a native of Dallas, Texas and a proud Navy veteran.

​Although we may experience trials, insecurity and loneliness, she is passionate about bringing change and resolution to life’s problems. She spreads a message of hope and provides mentoring, coaching, counseling and workshops to those in need.  As an Independent Certified Speaker, Teacher and Life Coach, she is determined to impact the lives of women and help them re-write and cast their vision.

Through Your Pain There Is Purpose and Power!

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